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In 1967, Davide was born in Milan, the world's fashion capital - Italy, the father is a leather shop craftsman. So Davide made contact with leather production and will often give his father made some suggestions for improvement, its full of wisdom and bold ideas often make his father very surprised.
At the age of 15 Daniel in his father's assistance to the design of a woman's handbag, and put them in a shop selling bags of via montenapolenone block, is greatly loved by local young women, so people called Little fox (Fox), after every time he designed a bag in sales the luggage shop.
Alessio (arlei Europe) is a special love of fashion design girl, but only for handbag design no inspiration, and has been unable to find suitable collocation to design their own clothes handbags, who is a Alessio in a via montenapolenone store have bags of block is a very beautiful handbag to the clerk asked this bag designer, but not to think it's learning and you are in the same school in the school and little known (Fox) Davide design.
Alessio Davide and asked him to go back to school to find help for their own clothing design a handbag do collocation, Alessio have designed the dress collocation Davide design handbags by the school teachers and students praise, then two people will often do together, for a long time the Daniel of Alessio produced the love, but because the Alessio Daniel Alessio's parents worry less prominent opposition, and Davide wanted to learn so until graduation did not give her love to Alessio.
After graduation, Davide will stay in a local design company to work, and Alessio in the family's arrangements to marry the son of a wealthy businessman, the two lost contact. Later, because of business failure become wealthy family bleak, wealthy son of Alessio because of a bad mood often beaten, once accidentally two people in via montenapolenone neighborhood reunion, when Davide courage Alessio wants to give her love, but that Alessio has been married. Soon Alessio died of illness, and the little fox Davide life can not to his beloved girl to say to her love.
So the Davide brand named "The Foxsay" in the later create brand bags: the fox said; the implication for my voice, to express their love for the Alessio and Alessio want to say without words.
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