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  1969, Daniel was born the world-famous fashion art - Milan, Italy, where his father was a famous designer. As the father of the reasons, Daniel graffiti design gadget habit, Daniel talented and daring creations often make parents very surprised, dubbed as Daniel's La Piccola Volpe (small fox), Daniel15 time, with the help of parents by the completion of the design of a bag lady, on the store sold, the bag was quickly sold out. In 1987, Daniel worked in Domus Academy, and later worked in a company designer, and therefore recognize the major fashion brand. Once, Daniel and his friends to dinner, they heard two young people talking about luxury brands, they believe that most of today's luxury handbag design is too complicated, does not apply to life, and only high-income people have the ability to buy. Hearing this, Daniel's friend shrugged and said: "luxury has always been rich stuff, the brand is a fashion, no one will care if it is feasible." "Maybe you can design a stylish luxury civilians products brand. "Daniel muttered. 1990s, pop minimalism, Daniel great touch, and then he resigned to create a new brand. Daniel wanted to create a luxury brand of civilians, it is fashionable, practical, durable, the price can be accepted by most people. In order to study the aesthetic needs of different regions and find inspiration, Daniel, one person alone to the fashion capital of Hong Kong, London, Paris and Los Angeles, "learning", in 2015, Daniel returned to Milan, at a friend's help, he soon to make a sample, the sample come out soon, and soon sold, in 2016, Daniel registered its own unique brand --The Foxsay, which means that my voice
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